Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Brendan Wolff

Head of School

Brendan is the founder of Achievement Unlocked as well as Head of School & Executive Director. As an individual with special needs himself, Brendan is extremely devoted to his work with others in the special needs population, particularly children with autism and similar developmental disorders. He earned his Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology with a focus on Behavior and Creative Writing from Binghamton University.  Brendan completed courses in the Master’s degree program in Special Education at Pace University. During his time at Pace University, Brendan worked as an NYC DOE classroom teacher for children with special needs within District 75.  Brendan’s educational and work background provided extensive experience with academic and behavioral interventions.  He has also received training in programs ranging from Special Methods in Language Education (SMiLE) to Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI).

Elizabeth Frank

Assistant Head of School

For the last two decades, Liz Frank has dedicated herself to enriching the lives of students.  Her experience with gifted yet challenged students, both one on one and in a classroom setting has given her insight into children’s need to be heard and seen as a way to bring them to a place where they can learn. Previous to working with Achievement Unlocked, Liz worked in private practice for 10 years. Before that, Liz was the Director of Lindamood Bell Learning Processes in NYC from 2001-2007. She holds an MA from Teachers College in Educational Psychology.



Classroom Teachers

Lori Adler has over 20 years experience working in a variety of elementary school settings.  She has worked as a classroom teacher, learning specialist for both math and reading and elementary school librarian. She has earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education (K-8 with Emotional Disturbance) as well as a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Theater at The George Washington University.

Michele Lipman has been teaching for the last 10 years in public and private schools. She has an MA in Childhood Education and professional licenses in Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities. She recently completed the Specialized Studies Program in Gifted & Talented Education from the University of California.

Support Specialists

Max Brown  has from a BA in Psychology and Literature with a concentration in Writing from the Eugene Lang College at the New School for Liberal Arts. Max spent two summers at Camp Ramapo, a camp for children with a variety of developmental and behavioral disorders.

John Dhaness is currently working on Master’s degree in Speech Therapy at NYU. He is passionate about transferring functional skills he is learning into the classroom.

Meaghan Fluitt  has a BA in Theatre and Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. She works as a professional actor on stage and film.

Tiffany Luk has a BA in English Literature from Baruch College and has enjoyed helping young people learn for several years.