Julian (Student): I like that AU teachers are accommodating, like to interact with and sometimes even have casual conversations with the kids. I literally had a 10-minute conversation with Maggie about Terraria [favorite video game].

Julian: AU has exposed brick wall.  [hee hee]

Gene (Dad): It’s a school where the teachers understand that parents and kids have gone through some difficulties in the past and they empathize

Gene: You don’t get the dreaded “Call”. If a teacher calls, you get to have a deep, great,insightful back-and-forth conversation about your kid.

Rose (Mom):The teachers at AU know how to teach to my son’s strengths and challenges. He has a gift for math, and his teacher works with him at his own level, not his grade level. He also struggles with anxiety, and the team helps him work through those moments of crisis. They don’t just try to stop the moment of difficulty, rather they teach him coping skills to try help in the moment and the next time he starts to get upset.

Rose: Julian hates missing school. He was sad on the snow day that he couldn’t go to school.

Rose: I think the AU teachers are aware that the kids are not only listening to them when they’re talking about a class subject, but all the time — the kids learn from how the team interacts with each other, how they joke: Julian has not only grown academically at AU, but his sense of humor, vocabulary and use of word play has sharpened dramatically as an AU student.

― Julian, Gene, and Rose