Our son was in a public school for four years with an IEP mandating Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Counseling. He also has a  high IQ. He has always had trouble with focus on things he’s not interested in, recall and language processing. The public school he was in had a two teachers and 25 students but it just wasn’t working.

At Achievement Unlocked he has received the individualized attention and support he needs to address his particular social needs of not knowing how to initiate conversations keep a conversation going and join into play with other kids. With the small class size and interesting subjects like drama, chess and martial arts he’s maintained more interest in school than he had before.

The staff has worked tirelessly to accommodate his needs and maintain his interests while also helping him understand which wants and requests  are reasonable and which are unreasonable. They continually shape the in-class lessons and the homework to suit Milo and simultaneously meet him where he is at developmentally and challenge him in a positive way to grow and improve.

~Gideon, father to current 5th grader